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Ça sent Kühn Keramik


Odeur: Eau de Cologne

The high society of the 18th and 19th century was living in a cloud of Eau de Cologne, brewed together in 1709 by perfumer Johann Maria Farina opposite Jülich's square in Cologne. It was regarded an Eau Admirable, a miraculous water. Farina was convinced that it was practically impossible to count all ill this water could prevent and cure, it's strength just surpassed anything else.

If what led to the transformation of Madame Oops, the motif on our perfumed candle, into a two-legged wheelbarrow, was indeed an overdose of Eau de Cologne, we do not know. But even Farina acknowledged certain risks inherent in this miraculous water – one of the fixatives being ethyl alcohol made the substance easily flammable which is why it was urgent to always „pay mind not to walk too close by the fire or the light when having washed thyself with the water“

Each morning, according to the myth, Napoleon Bonaparte would have a small flask of Eau de Cologne poured out over his imperial head. Imagine what might have happened if someone would have been to light one of Kühn's perfumed candles in his room … Oops!

  • Each piece is unique due to its handmade quality.

  • Colour may vary slightly from image.

  • After burning the candle, the box is suitable for microwave and dishwasher.

  • The pointed golden lid is not suitable for microwave or dishwasher.

  • Dimensions big candle h: 16,5 cm, d: 9 cm - 320 g /11,29 oz net, approximately 60 hours of burning pleasure

  • Dimensions small candle h: 13 cm, d: 7 cm - 90 g / 3,17 oz net, approximately 25 hours of burning pleasure

Oops - a fragrance of cologne - the handmade box and lid of Kühn Keramik is filled with exquisitely perfumed wax. K-100-110.wegg.oops
Price on request