Karl Marx

05 May 1818 – Karl Marx

by our correspondent Arthur Baron von Aktaion

* 5 May 1818 in Trier

† 14 March 1883 in London

After an acute laryngitis had reached its peak on 14 March 1883, Karl Marx was dead. Since then, the image of Karl Marx has mainly been revived as an icon for curious societal ideas.
This does not do him justice, however, we believe. Karl Marx’s texts are a universe you have to keep reading and reading and reading without drawing ideological conclusions too quickly. This is particularly true on his 200th birthday!

Therefore we’re reading Karl Marx’s introduction to his Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right:
“These petrified relations must be forced to dance by singing their own tune to them!”
What that sounds like, we don’t know. But a sip from our Karl Marx portrait cup will certainly make it very melodic.

Happy Birthday, Karl Marx!


Product Information

Each Alice Portrait Cup is made by hand and therefore a unique piece. The colour might vary from the photo. The cup is not suitable for dishwasher and microwace.

Alice medium coffee cup 'glam'
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