Medium aam rocaille 1 k
Mini aam rocaille 1 k
Mini aam beaker lidwithgold crown k
Mini aam sufi spikedlid k
Mini aam grotesque spikedlid k
Mini aam lion spikedlid k
Mini aam banderole spikedlid k


scented candle with spiked lid

The perfume can best be described as an intention to grasp the scent of green, of woods combined with red fruits, incense and clove. So it is a rather dry and sober perfume with a fruity hint.

  • Each candle is unique due to its handmade quality
  • Pointed lid is plated with real gold
  • The colour of gold may vary slightly from image
  • The ceramic beaker is after burning food safe, but not suitable for dishwasher
  • Dimensions h: 16 cm, d: 8,5 cm

The Anhalter Scented Candle is a collaboration of James Heeley, Paris and Kühn Keramik, Berlin A-BP.310.Rocaille
135,00 €(Price inclusive 19% VAT: 21,55 €)