Ca sent - It smells like !

by our correspondent Arthur Baron von Aktaion


Sparking a flame in one of Kühn's perfumed candles opens the gates to a grand chamber of motley fragrances. The air is brimming with cinnamon and orange, with leather, cedar, and timber, with eau de cologne,with amber and with the blossoms of magnificently ancient trees. Fine odor lies never far from flame, making such olfactory arson etimologically consequent in every aspect: “perfume” indeed derives from the Latin “perfumare”, meaning “to smoke through”, which can be traced back to the likewise Latin word “fumus”; smoke, vapor, fume.

Fragrances from Grasse & Candles from Deauville


A Provencal small town between Nice and Cannes, a few miles from the Côte d'Azur, Grasse established itself as the world capital of perfume ever since alchemist and pharmacist Franceso Tombarelli formed and forged the European perfume traditions right here in the late sixteenth century, making it the most ideal location for the creation of the Ça sent series' fragrants.  Daniel Süskind's novel “perfume” helped the place gain some literary popularity as well, introducing it's narrow streets and gloomy basements as the stage for odorless perfumer Jean-Baptiste Grenouille's peculiar procedures of extracting aromata.
From there, the scents are consigned to the picturesque Norman coastal resort of Deauville, the place where young Coco Chanel opened up her second boutique in 1913, reaping instant success. In a small local candle manufactory the fragrants are conjuncted with a mixture of bee's and soy wax prior to being poured into Kühn's ceramic box from which they are eventually sent back to Berlin – for that it may properly burn and smell.


Ceramical Constancy


Once the candles ultimately go out and fulfil their destiny of turning into a symbol for all evanescent, what remains due to their ceramical consistency are delightful Kühn Keramik boxes, whose variety of lids allows for numerous applications.


The Most Peculiar Pieces and People


As usual with Kühn's creations, the outside of the boxes set the stage for the most peculiar pieces and people, Chevalier Esseintes, the hero on a rocking horse, Extraordinaire, the mindless reader, Madame Oops, the two-legged wheelbarrow, Leonard, the infantile Mariachi from Centre Court, and the abandoned corsage of Florentinian Signorina „The French Kiss“ Osculari


Welcome to Kühn's chamber of motley fragrances!